Cleaning Supply Checklist

Starting a deep clean of any home or business can seem intimidating. Making sure you have all of the required supplies stocked and ready to be used for yourself or your cleaning team is important. Here are our suggestions for each space:

For the Floors

For the floors, we recommend first vacuuming the place then going in with a mop and bucket system. Using some hot water with basic dish soap works perfectly if you don’t want to invest in a floor cleaner.

For the Kitchen

For the kitchen, we recommend getting an all-purpose cleaner, an oven cleaner, and a stainless steel cleaner if you have any stainless appliances. From there you can use scrubbing sponges and microfiber cloths to get rid of a lot of stains and built-up that has been gathered throughout your kitchen over time. If you have any marble, quartz, or granite countertop in your kitchen, ensure to only clean these surfaces with mild dish soap and warm water as to not damage the sealant.

For the Bathroom

In the bathroom, the main items you’ll want include a toilet brush and cleaner, glass cleaner if you have a glass shower, and grout/tile cleaner, and a grout brush, along with an all-purpose cleaner. The bathroom can get dirty fast so ensure you have the proper tools to keep the place sanitized.

For Living Areas/Bedrooms

As far as any other rooms in the house, the main items include lint rollers to get rid of any dust on pillows, sofas, or other cloth surfaces, an extendable duster to reach on top of ceiling fans or tall furniture pieces, and an all-purpose cleaner for any other surfaces around.