Cleaning Tips for COVID-19

During this time of the coronavirus pandemic, ensuring that not only individuals stay clean, but also the home and business place is crucial. There are numerous ways of ensuring extra precautions are taking place. Below are just some of our top tips to do so.

Become Informed on Precautions

Whether you’re working with other employees, interacting with customers, or simply at home with family or roommates, ensuring everyone is on the same page about what is to be expected is important. Reminding everyone to take the steps necessary to stay protected for the health of themselves and those around is important. Try incorporating cleaning and social distancing guidelines to keep everyone safe.

Provide Cleaning Supplies

Always carry around or provide hand sanitizer for those coming in and out of your space. The CDC recommends incorporating hand sanitizers of base 60% or higher in your personal hygiene routine. Ensuring bathrooms and kitchens are constantly stocked with hand soap and cleaning supplies such as cleaning wipes and solutions for tabletops and other surfaces (monitors, keyboards, pens, notebooks…) are equally important.

Make Cleaning Wipes Readily Available

Cleaning wipes are another effective way to keep germs and bacteria away. Encourage your staff to keep cleaning wipes or cleaning materials at their desk, and to wipe down surfaces, door handles and counters after they touch or come into contact with any of them. We recommend keeping them stocked in publicly used areas and under the sinks in your bathrooms and kitchens.

Ensure to Deep Clean

If everyone does their part in a space to keep their area clean, the chance for cross-contamination decreases incredibly. With that said, being able to deep clean rooms every few days, including the bathroom every day, is crucial. This is why hiring a professional team to help clean a home or business is a tremendous help during the pandemic.

If Ill, Stay Home

The last important thing to note is that if someone feels ill, encourage that individual to stay home. Better safe away than risking having someone come in contact with the other employees and guests.

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